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''Ararat-2'' – ''Alashkert-2''     1:0     26th round       14.04.2014. 22:58

In the 26th round of the championship of Armenia in the 1st league ''Alashkert-2'' met with ''Ararat-2''. Match on the Ashtarak stadium ''Kasakhi marzik'' was very principled. The fact that both teams have the same number of points, and the winner not only broke away from the opponent, but also continued to pursue the leader – ''Banants-2''. READ MORE

''Gandzasar'' – ''Alashkert''       0:2    19th round      09.04.2014. 20:09

''Alashkert'' in Kapan won pending appointment of the 19th round in ''Gandsasar''. Account in the 27th minute opened the scorer ''Alashkert'' Mihran Manasyan, who scored his 11th goal, became the sole leader in the dispute top scorers. READ MORE

''Alashkert-2'' – ''Banants-2''      3:1      25th round       07.04.2014. 22:33

In the championship of Armenia First League ''Alashkert-2'' continued its winning streak. Our team at this time beat ''Banants-2''. This victory is important, as has been gained over the leader and ''Alashkert-2'' reduced the backlog from archrival up to 6 points. READ MORE

''Ararat'' – ''Alashkert''      1:0     20th round        05.04.2014. 21:57

In the 20th round on ''Hrazdan'' stadium ''Alashkert'' met with the leader – ''Ararat''. Definitely our team was coming hardly match, but at the same time tempting earn points and leave the scene of an outsider. Because it was already known that our nearest neighbor in the standings ''Ulysses'' already lost. READ MORE

Match ''Gandzasar'' – ''Alashkert'' will be held on April 9    01.04.2014. 18:07

Match ''Gandzasar'' – ''Alashkert'', scheduled for March 30, will be held on April 9th​​, at 16:00.

The official website of the FFA was informed by FFA Competitions organizing committee.

Match "Gandzasar" – "Alashkert" will be postponed    30.03.2014. 10:15

According to the calendar, on Sunday, March 30, in Kapan was scheduled match of the 19th round of the championship of Armenia "Gandzasar" – "Alashkert." However, this meeting will not take place today. The fact that the delegation "Alashkert" early morning went to Kapan, due to snow and blizzard was forced to return to Yerevan halfway. 

This was the club "Alashkert" reported FFA.

''Pyunik-2'' – ''Alashkert-2''     0:1     24th round        28.03.2014. 19:37 

Our team successfully launched in the spring part of the championship in the 1st league. Match of the 24th round with ''Pyunik-2'' in his field had to answer many questions. And, first of all , to the question of how realistic inclusion of ''Alashkert-2'' in the title race. We are pleased to note, that the victory over a strong opponent – a positive answer to these questions.  READ MORE

''Alashkert'' – ''Miкa''    0:1    18th round           23.03.2014. 20:27

''Alashkert'' suffered a third defeat in a row. At this time, our team lost to ''Mika'' with a minimum score of 0:1. Three rounds ''Аlashkert'' players can not score points, which would allow them to leave the bottom of the standings. And if our team had the opportunity? READ MORE

''Pyunik'' – ''Alashkert''    5:1    17th round     15.03.2014. 21:12

Report Meeting held on the Football Academy. Throughout the game, the players of ''Pyunik'' had a noticeable territorial and competitive advantage and eventually won – 5:1. READ MORE

''Alashkert-2'' – ''Shirak-2''      4:1      21th round          11.03.2014. 20:01

Today at the stadium in Ashtarak ''Kasakhi marzik'' held last match of the 21st round of the championship of the First League: ''Alashkert-2'' met with ''Shirak-2''. The game was with the benefit of our team. However, in the first half was registered tie (1:1 ), READ MORE

''Alashkert'' – ''Shirak'', March 9, at 16:00       07.03.2014. 19:32

''Alashkert'' winning start in the spring part of the Armenian championship made ​​it intriguing upcoming match with ''Shirak''. Report that the defending champion our team will take on the stadium ''Hrazdan'', March 9th. This meeting will be televised on Channel Armenian television.

''Ulysses'' – ''Alashkert''      0:3      15th round           02.03.2014. 18:18

Started spring part of the 2013-2014 championship of Armenia in the Premier League. Almost entirely reformed ''Alashkert'' in Abovyan met with ''Ulysses''. In the starting lineup from the old residents of our team was only Sargis Nasibyan, and the remaining ten players were newcomings. READ MORE

''Alashkert'' will hold matches on ''Hrazdan''                27.02.2014. 19:12   

Today the club ''Alashkert'' and guide ''Hrazdan'' stadium signed a contract under which the home games the team will hold in this stadium. READ MORE

''Alashkert'' signed Vucic and Mladenovic      24.02.2014. 18:52  

As we reported from Antalya ''Alashkert' returned with two legionnaires, whith  whom today the club has signed contracts. READ MORE


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