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”Banants” – ”Alashkert”  2:0  17th round    12.03.2016.19:41

”Alashkert” and ”Banants” have begun a spring piece of the championship with a victory and have approached the 17th round in a high spirit. And it isn’t casual that their rivalry have turned out basic.  Read More

Armen Sanamyan joined the coaching staff ”Alashkert”     12.01.2016.18:21

Today Armen Sanamyan contracted with ”Alashkert” and joins coaching staff ”Alashkert”. 50-year-old coach has ”Pro” category, and in 2013 worked for some time in the club ”Alashkert”.  Read More

”Alashkert” signed Arthur Avagyan    11.01.2016.19:29

Today ”Alashkert” signed Arthur Avagyan, who had by mutual agreement terminated the contract with the ”Gandzasar-Kapan”.  Read More

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas     31.12.2015. 23:55

Let 2016 will be a year of new achievements and progress of Armenian football.

Alashkert Football club

Alashkert-2” the winner of the autumn part of championship in the 1st league

”Pyunik-2” – ”Alashkert-2”    0:1  15th round     30.11.2015.17:58

As well as the main team of our club ”Alashkert-2” also finished in the first place of the championship in the First League. The final game ”Alashkert-2” played with ”Pyunik-2”. Read More

Alashkert” the winner of the championship autumn part

”Pyunik” – ”Alashkert”    0:0    15th round     28.11.2015.20:14

In the final round of the autumn part of the championship met the leaders – ”Alashkert” and ”Pyunik”. Our team had two points mored than Pyunik and, of course, even in the case of a draw would have gone for the winter holidays in a leadership role. Read More

”Alashkert-2” – ”Shirak-2”    2:0    14th round    23.11.2015.20:07

After 7 incessant victories under the leadership of Sergey Erzrumyan ”Alashkert-2” in the 14th round slowed. Our team played draw (2:2)  with ”Shirak-2”. Read More

Changed the beginning of the Cup match ”Ararat” – ”Alashkert”   23.11.2015.18:15

According to the FFA Competitions organizing department, the change has been made in the  Cup of Armenia schedule: the match ”Ararat” – ”Alashkert”, which will be held at the ”Republican” stadium, will begin at 14:30.

”Alashkert” - ”Shirak”    2:0    14th round     21.11.2015.17:53

”Alashkert” confidently won this principle game, scoring two unanswered goals to ”Shirak”. Note that in this game after the disqualification the head coach Abraham Khashmanyan directed the actions of his players from the technical area. Read More

”Ararat-2” – ”Alashkert-2”   0:1 (control game)    17.11.2015.14:09

Today ”Alashkert-2” held a control game with ”Ararat-2” in Dzoraghbyur. The game let the head coach Sergey Erzrumyan to see those players who during the championship does not get enough playing time. Read More

”Alashkert” – ”Alashkert-2”   3:1   (control game)      16.11.2015.18:41

Announced a break in the championship has made some adjustments in the training program of the commands. Today the head coach ”Alashkert” Abraham Hashmanyan organized control game with the second team of the club – ”Alashkert-2”. Read More

Heber Araujo extended his contract with ”Alashkert”    13.11.2015.12:43

Today the Brazilian striker ”Alashkert” Heber Araujo dos Santos extended his contract with ”Alashkert” for the year. 24-year-old goalscorer with the best hand manifests itself in ”Alashkert”. Read More

Dusko Dukic left ”Alashkert”      20.10.2015.20:05

29-year-old defender of ”Alashkert” Dusko Dukic, who joined his new club during the winter transfer period, by mutual agreement terminated the contract with the club and returned home. Read More 

                                  HAPPY  NEW  YEAR!  MERRY  CHRISTMAS

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