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''Ararat-2'' – ''Alashkert-2''   1:4    22th round    20.04.2015.23:49

After unsuccessful games in the last two rounds ''Alashkert-2'' won again. In Ashtarak our team with a score of 4:1 beat ''Ararat-2''. And, by the break alashkertovtsy were ahead by a score of 3:0. The score could be opened at the 20-minute, but ''Alashkert-2'' player Benik Hovhannisyan is not realized the penalty. Note that in this episode has been removed from the field ''Ararat-2'' player Nugui Marhub Bouras.

In the second half the teams exchanged goals – 4:1. Karapet Manukyan scored two goals and 22th goals confidently leading scorers in the First League. His 12th ball scored Benik Hovhannisyan. A goal scored also Narek Harutyunyan.

''Ararat'' – ''Alashkert''    0:1  22th round     19.04.2015.20:22

The match ''Ararat'' – ''Alashkert'' can be divided into two parts: in the first part the advantage was on the side of ''Ararat'', in the second – of  ''Alashkert''. Our team played on the third day after a hard cup match with ''Pyunik'' and it was expected that start will be difficult for him.

The picture was changed after the break. On the 57th minute the defender of ''Alashkert'' Dusan Mladenovic scored – 1:0.

After a missed goal ''Ararat'' players began to attack a large force, and ''Alashkert'' footballers tried to use formed free zones in their defense. Our players were close to success, but the winning score has not changed. In fairness, we note that in the extra time ''Ararat'' might score, but the goal post saved ''Alashkert''.

''Alashkert'' – ''Pyunik''   1:0  (Armenian Cup semi-final)     16.04.2015.20:02

The second match of Armenian Cup semi-finals with ''Pyunik'' ''Alashkert'' spent concentrated and with a fighting spirit. The result of the first meeting (our team lost by a score of 1:3) to dictate the players ''Alashkert'' seek happiness in front of goal. Note that this happiness has smiled to them on the 22nd minutes (the goal scored Aram Bareghamyan) – 1: 0.

Subsequently, both teams created scoring chances, but the new goal has not been registered. A final score brought Armenian Cup final ''Pyunik''.

''Banants-2'' – ''Alashkert-2''   1:0   21st round     13.04.2015.21:07

On an artificial field of club ''Banants'' met leaders of the championship in the First league ''Alashkert-2'' and ''Banants-2''. The game took place in intense struggle and only one goal was scored. The player of ''Banants-2'' Grigor Agekyan who came for replacement scored on the 85th minute. The best-scorer of ''Alashkert-2'' Karapet Manukyan could cause a stir twice, however in one case he tarried, and in other poorly kicked and the goalkeeper took a ball. After this victory with the score 1:0 ''Banants-2'' reduced lag from the leader of ''Alashkert-2'' by three points.

''Banants'' – ''Alashkert''    2:0    21st round    11.04.2015.20:01

Our team lost the game with ''Banants''. In the first half, scoring chances were created at both gates. From our players could core a goal Mihran Manasyan, from ''Banants'' – Philip Timov (twice), Ľuboš Hanzel, Sargis Baloyan.

After the break the game changed. Note that the second half ''Alashkert'' started with ten players since on the 45th minute received a second yellow card and left the field defender Mamadou Sekou Fofana. In this situation, it was difficult for ''Alashkert'' to hope a success.

Footballers ''Banants'' scored two goals and won with the score 2:0. Yet our players organized a couple of dangerous attacks, but to turn them into goals have failed.

''Alashkert-2'' – ''Shirak-2''  1:1  20th round    07.04.2015.20:17

After three consecutive victories ''Alashkert-2'' braked. Our team played a draw in Ashtarak (1:1) with ''Shirak-2''. Moreover, our players have leveled the score only at the last minute. Benik Hovhannisyan did it, from the right wing sending the ball into the far top corner of the goal.

Note, that ''Shirak-2'' players scored in the 29th minute as a result of counterattack (Karlen Gevorgyan scored). Our team throughout the game having great territorial and competitive advantage, failed to win the match and were content with a draw.

''Alashkert'' – ''Shirak''   1:1   20th rounds      05.04.2015.18:34

Match with ''Shirak'', perhaps, was one of the best games of our team. It is a pity that wasn't succeeded to keep a winning score: ''Shirak'' players scored a reciprocal goal literally last seconds and evened the score – 1:1.

Before, on the 24th minute, scored Aram Bareghamyan, who in the last matches plays productively. Aram could score a second goal and  seal the win of the team, but on the 65th minute he missed from 18 meters. Our team was unambiguously worthy to a victory as besides Bareghamyan, real goals weren't scored by Arsen Balabekyan, Mihran Manasyan, Aram Hovsepyan …

''Alashkert-2'' – ''Ulysses-2''   6:1 19th round    23.03.2015.20:41

Today the leader of Armenian First League Championship ''Alashkert-2'' won ''Ulysses-2'' – 6:1.

First goal in the 15th minute scored Vigen Avetisyan, but it was the only success of ''Ulysses-2'' that day. After one minute Benik Hovhannisyan scored (1:1), and after new goals scored ''Alashkert-2'' players Grigor Mkrtchyan, Karapet Manukyan, Hayk Chilingaryan (penalty) and Vardan Petrosyan (twice).

Now our team is eight points ahead of occupying 2nd place ''Banants-2''. And ''Alashkert-2'' striker Karapet Manukyan (20 goals) continues to lead the list of the top scorers in the championship.

''Alashkert'' – ''Ulysses''  1:0  19 th round      22.03.2015.19:04

In the 19th round ''Alashkert'' met ''Ulysses'' in the stadium ''Nairi''. Three days ago, our team had a heavy cup game and unequivocally today the match with one of the leaders will be difficult too.

At the start, both teams had the best opportunity to score. At first could score Mihran Manasyan (his kick miraculously rescued goalkeeper Arsen Beglaryan), then  ''Ulysses'' captain Hovhannes Goharyan could not realize his ''rendezvous'' with the goalkeeper Armen Khachatryan. After also created a lot of chances to score, but was scored just one goal. Scored ''Alashkert'' player Aram Bareghamyan, received a fine pass from Mihran Manasyan – 1:0.

It was the second consecutive victory ''Alashkert''. Our team has consolidated its position yet on the 4th place.

''Pyunik'' – ''Alashkert''   3:1 (Armenian Cup semi-final)     19.03.2015.17:57

The Football Academy hosted Armenia Cup semifinal meeting ''Pyunik'' – ''Alashkert''. Our team had players problems that have worsened during the match (due to injuries were replaced Obradovic and Mladenovic, and originally for different reasons were absent Fofana, Manasyan and Bareghamyan). 

During 28 minutes ''Pyunik'' scored three goals and, in fact, decided the outcome of the match. However, scored by Balabekyan in the 32nd minute goal (score 1:3), and shown our players in the second half confident and organized game instilled hope that all is not lost: ''Alashkert'' can achieve a positive result in the return game. Note, that during last 16 minutes ''Pyunik'' played with 10 footballers, because the field has been deleted young striker Razmik Hakobyan.

''Gandzasar Kapan-2'' – ''Alashkert-2''   0:4    18th round    16.03.2015.16:51

The first meeting in the spring part of the championship in the First League spent ''Gandzasar Kapan-2'', met with ''Alashkert-2''. Our players won – 4:0. The best strikers of ''Alashkert-2'' Karapet Manukyan and Vardan Petrosyan scored each two goals. 

''Gandzasar Kapan'' – ''Alashkert''     2:3 18th round   16.03.2015.09:30

Meeting 18th round ''Alashkert'' held in Kapan. It was the first game of the ''Gandzasar Kapan'' in the spring part of the championship. First minutes showed that they trying to score an early goal. Soon ''Alashkert'' players established their game and  scored three goals  (two scored Mihran Manasyan, one – Arman Hovhannisyan). Arsen Balabekyan could have scored the fourth goal.

After the break, the hosts scored two goals. ''Alashkert'' won with a score of 3:2 and gave a good gift for the birthday of the founder and president of the club Bagrat Navoyan.

Today, the 15th of March, the founder, sponsor and president of the Football Club Alashkert 

                                                  BAGRAT  S. NAVOYAN 

celebrates his 56th anniversary. Football Club collective warmly congratulates him.

Bagrat Navoyan

                                      C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S      15.03.2015.00:01

Today ''Alashkert'' striker NORAYR GYOZALYAN celebrates his 25th anniversary. The club management and team players warmly congratulate him. Dear NORAYR, we wish you health, happiness and more effective kicks.

''Alashkert-2'' – ''Pyunik-2''   4:1    17th round     09.03.2015.17:33

Today ''Alashkert-2'' in Ashtarak stadium ''Kasakhi marzik'' met with ''Pyunik-2''. The game was accompanied by a cold wind and, of course, this fact definitely prevented the players to show a combination football. In the last seconds of the first half a goal scored ''Pyunik-2'' player Hovhannes Papazyan. It should be noted that befor it twice good chances had ''Alashkert-2'' striker Arsen Balabekyan.

After the break the game changed dramatically, and this metamorphosis definitely can be associated with the appearance on the field the forward of ''Alashkert-2'' Vardan Petrosyan. He scored two goals, and even once distinguished Tsolak Beglaryan and David Asatryan. ''Alkashkert-2'' won – 4:1.

                           C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S      09.03.2015.17:22

In this beautiful spring day in Football club ''Alashkert'' double celebration: their birthday are celebrated Executive Director of Club LIPARIT NAVOYAN and experienced player HOVHANNES GRIGORYAN. Club collective warmly congratulates them, wishes health and family happiness. And ''Alashkert-2'' team presented them unique gifttoday it won the match of the championship.

''Alashkert'' – ''Pyunik''   0:1  17th round    07.03.2015.19:15

Today ''Alashkert''  met ''Pyunik'' in the stadium ''Nairi''. The game was not a rich scoring chances. In the first half goals were not scored. After the break the game continued in the same vein and it became clear that the rezult of the game will decide one well-aimed blow. It did, demonstrating high performance skills, ''Pyunik’s'' player Zaven Badoyan. ''Pyunik'' won – 1:0.

                                  C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S      04.03.2015.19:33

Today in football club ''Alashkert'' double celebration: their birthday are celebrated HAYK GYUNASHYAN and legionnaire from Belarus  SIARHEI USENIA. The Club collective warmly congratulates his players, respectively, with 23-th and 27-th anniversary and wishes them health and success on the football field.

''Mika-2'' – ''Alashkert-2''    2:2  16th tour      02.03.2015.17:48

Today resumed the Championship in the First League. In the stadium ''Mika'' met ''Mika-2'' and ''Alashkert-2''. Again was registered a draw: the teams exchanged two goals. As the eve the final score installed substitute players. They did it in 1-2 minutes after entering the field. We are talking about ''Mika-2'' player Ahmed Jindoyan and ''Alashkert-2'' player David Asatryan. Reported that before once scored Mika’s striker Vardan Safaryan (he opened the account) and ''Alashkert-2'' footballer Benik Hovhannisyan – 2:2.

''Mika'' – ''Alashkert''    1:1    16th round     01.03.2015.19:17

Today in Armenia kicked off the spring section of the championship 2014-2015 in the Premier League. In the ''Mika'' stadium ''Alashkert'' met with the owners of the field. The game was a nervous and  in the first half almost there was no any scoring chances.

In the second half coaches Abraham Khashmanyan and Aram Voskanyan gradually brought to the field fresh forces. And exactly substitute players in both teams became the authors of goals scored. First scored ''Alashkert'' striker Norayr Gyozalyan, then ''Mika’s'' footballer Vardges Satumyan – 1:1.

''Alashkert'' – ''BIT'' (China)  3:1  (control game)     24.02.2015.21:14

Today ''Alashkert'' in Antalya spent third control game with the FC ''BIT'' – representative of the first League of China Championship. ''Alashkert'' won – 3:1. The goals scored Dylan Vanvelkenhuysen, Norayr Gyozalyan and Arsen Balabekyan.

On the night of 26th February ''Alashkert'' and conducting in Antalya training camp ''Pyunik'' and ''Banants'' together will return to Yerevan.

''Alashkert'' – ''Metallurg'' (Zaporozhye)   1:1  (control game)     21.02.2015.21:08

Today ''Alashkert'' in Antalya held the second control game with the representative of the Ukrainian Premier League ''Metallurg'' Zaporozhye.

On the 53rd minute Belgian legionary of ''Alashkert'' Dylan Vanwelkenhuysen scored – 1:0. Ukrainian players scored only in overtime. Draw – 1:1.

The last control game in Antalya ''Alashkert'' hold with the Chinese First Division club ''BIT''.

''Alashkert'' – ''Vorskla''  (U 21)  1:0 (control game)      18.02.2015.20:13

Today ''Alashkert'' in Antalya in the first control match met with the youth team (under 21 years) ''Vorskla'' Poltava. Our team won the match 1:0. The winning goal in the end of the game scored ''Alashkert'' forward Mihran Manasyan.


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